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Welcome to the Missaukee Trail Blazers Webpage!


    The Missaukee Trail Blazers are a non-profit organization dedicated to the recreational riding of snowmobiles.  Our trails offer some of Michigan's finest natural scenery and lots of quality snow.


    Based in Lake City Michigan, we are responsible for the care, maintenance and grooming of over 55 miles of trails throughout Missaukee County. Missaukee County is located in Northern Michigan, between Houghton Lake and Cadillac. Our towns have plenty of Motels, Restaurants, Gas Stations, General Hardware Stores and Snow to meet every snowmobiler's needs.


    Our trail systems interconnect with other trail systems in Wexford, Roscommon and Kalkaska Counties to provide you the snowmobiler with hundreds of seamless miles of quality snowmobile trails. If you enjoy snowmobile riding in Northern Michigan, please consider joining our club.  Your membership helps keep our trails safe through proper brushing, signing and grooming.


    On behalf of the Missaukee Trail Blazers I sincerely hope that you will take advantage of the beautiful trail system maintained by this club and we hope that you consider participating.


Missaukee Trail Blazers





The Trail Blazers ORV Fun Run
The MTB is sponsering another fun run on the 24th of June. Come enjoy food, games, a scavenger hunt, and prizes. We will provide maps of the area on the day of registration, which will also include the general location of the clues for the scavenger hunt, but there are no set directions to follow on this ride. Participants are free to ride at their leisure, on any ORV trail, ORV county road, etc. Participants can travel to any destination in any order they wish, this is up to you and the group you bring with you.


There is plenty of room for truck/trailer parking at the groomer barn. Click on the map to the right for google maps directions, remember we are on the south side of Phelps right next to the snowmobile trail and our sign is out front.


Things to remember.
1. Make sure you take along a method of recording the clues (can be a notepad, cell phone, whatever).
2. Registration at the groomer barn between 8am and 11:00am, we need accurate numbers for food and prizes.
3. Be back at the groomer barn by 5:00pm for final check in and prizes.
4. We will award prizes at 6:00pm sharp.
5. We are providing warm food and some non-adult beverage, these will be available in the afternoon for the returning participants.
6. BYOB for the afterglow.
7. Detailed rules, game play, and ride information will be distributed at signup.

Member Meeting Change
Meeting will be held the forth Monday of each month at the Missaukee E.M.S. Building at 6:30 PM unless otherwise posted.


Calling All Snowmobilers!
Snowmobile trail signs are being stolen all across Michigan. The DNR has an ad campaign alerting us of the dangers of removing signs from our trails. Signs are coming up missing in Missaukee County all over the Miss-Kal trail. We are asking snowmobilers who see anyone removing signs to get the registration numbers of the snowmobile and report them to the DNR. Please do not confront the thief as we do not want to cause a confrontation and put the reporter in any immediate danger. Call 1-800-292-7800 to file a report. Also, please call (231) 839-7986 and report missing signs to our Trail Coordinator. We will dispatch a crew to get them replaced immediately! Sign theft is not only illegal it is also very dangerous to riders. Furthermore stealing signs is costly. Part of your Trail Permit Fee pays for the signs on our trails. People who steal signs are stealing from everyone who bought a trail permit!


January 15 2017 well the rain and warm weather did it's toil on our trail there is a lot of sand on most of the trails conditions are very bad we have snow coming but may not have a lot of it well up date when conditions change thanks MTB


Member Meetings:


Always the forth Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m.
Meetings Are Held At the Missaukee E.M.S. Building


Held At....
Missaukee E.M.S. Building
110 S. Pine Street (off First Street)
Lake City, MI





A porta-john will be available for riders coming into Lake City on the 651 this season.


Past Special Events


2016 Fun Ride
2011 Yard Cleanups
2010 Rummage Sale
2010 Yard Cleanups
2009 TrailBlazers Halloween Party
2009 Picnic - Kid Fun Day - Fundraiser
2008 4th of July Float


Check out the pictures on the Special Events Page!


You can find them at local businesses for $2.00 or order them directly from The Missaukee Trail Blazers! Maps will also be available at General Membership Meetings.


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